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Global Delivery Model


Setting a benchmark in the global Medical Device and IVD Regulatory industry

Global companies always look for a business partner or service provider who has dedicated resources across the globe to meet the evolving and dynamic Health Authority requirements, gain global market access and reduce operational costs. The business partner or service provider can either function according to a set protocol or, like us, function based on the proven expertise in providing delivery excellence to our partners, focusing on their business needs, and constantly innovating the way of doing business and setting up a benchmark in the industry.

We implement smarter technologies as required, and our practices can save you, forty percent (40%) of your annual Regulatory affairs spend on an average.

We have a mission of ensuring that our clients’ products reach the farthest corners of the world, and this has led us to continue working towards our mission and developing an unparalleled niche.

Our partners believe in Freyr as we are synonymous with specialized expertise. We build strategies that align with our partner’s needs and build on a foundation of trust. various organizations worldwide, backed by their R&D and with the help of our consulting, have achieved their goals in setting up and expanding businesses successfully. We have been proudly adept at helping our clients in saving considerable costs while fulfilling requirements of the toughest Health Authorities around the world.

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